Monday, July 18, 2011

Red Summer : The Race Riots of 1919

By Cameron McWhiter

Can't wait to read this book.

One of the most importan event in my novel ACT OF GRACE takes place during the bloody summer of 1919 or what was called Red Summer. Author Carmeron McWhiter has written an important book that tells about that summer when anti-black riots and lynchings swept the nation from April until November. Below is the link to an NPR interview with the author.

Cameron McWhirter: "Red Summer"


Carrie Link said...

No accidents! Love that you found my blog the way you did. Thank you! said...

Have you seen the photo on Karen's link here to "Red Summer." It shows Chicago whites rampaging in a black Chicago neighborhood. A picture frighteningly similar appeared on the front page of the Boston Globe in 1974. South Boston was erupting in opposition to busing and a photographer grabbed a shot of a gang attacking a Haitian man on his doorsteps after chasing him down the street.
My husband worked at a printing press in Southie at that time and a gang chased a black man right into the press. Workers, black and white, fought them off and then escorted blacks and others who were not South Boston Irish, like my Yankee husband, to the safety of the subway stop.