The Quilt That Is Me

This blog will be a place to discuss all my multitude of interests, be it the craft of writing, history, books, the quilting arts, cooking or horses.

I am a quilter who is now an author. Act of Grace (Plenary Publishing) is my first novel.

Writing fiction, I have found, is a lot like quilting. You stitch thousands of words together to create an intricate pattern of theme, plot and characterization. Then, one by one, you layer all the pages, to produce what you hope will be an interesting  and powerful work.

Some other things about me :

I’ve taught African American quilting for over twenty years. I hold a Master’s in Historic Preservation and as a historian, I help museums and other historical institutions design exhibits that deal with issues of racial and cultural diversity. I am a foodie and own way to many cookbooks. I love horses and horse racing.

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