Friday, January 28, 2011

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Nyla was little in body (four pounds) but great in spirit. She was my sister Delphia's gift to my mother who was in so much pain from arthritis some 14 years ago. Mom hadn't laughed in months but the day she received her gift of Nyla her depression lifted.

When mom died Nyla became my companion, my little dog baby who made losing my mother bearable. Now Nyla has gone to that heaven all dog go to.

It seem right that Nyla would die 10 year almost to the day that Mom passed. She had a stroke this morning and I had to put her to sleep. I can imagine that Nyla is in my mother's arms. She is back with her first and best owner.

Rest well little one, my Nyla girl, I will miss you so much.


GenAfrica said...

Nyla had such a sweet spirit. I know that the pain of your loss is quite keen at the moment, but I am glad that Nyla isn't in any pain. Mom and I are thinking of you and praying for you.


Anonymous said...

Ah-h-h-h, she was such a sweet little thing and she liked me.