Thursday, May 28, 2009


The Speculative Literature Foundation was launched in January 2004 to promote literary quality in speculative fiction. Every year they offer a grant for older writers . Every year I put off entering. Well, this year I got my behind in gear and entered a selection from my novel Act of Grace and guess what I won!!!

They said of my work

"We enjoyed your writing sample very much, especially the compelling opening that pulls the reader into the story, the tight, sharp, beautiful prose, and Grace's folksy-but-modern-Southern-down-home narrative voice that's both straightforward and intimate. "

Information about me and my entry should be up on the SLF website so take a look, and all you writers who are over fifty please take the time to enter next year.


Shauna Roberts said...

Big congratulations!!!! I was disappointed that I didn't win, but I'm glad one of my blogging friends did!

Lafreya said...

Thank you. I was more than a little suprised but I am so grateful!!

Carleen Brice said...

Whoo hoo!! Congratulations!!!

Lafreya said...
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Anonymous said...
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